Maison Royer, organic Vendée snails

The Maison Royer is located in a small village in the heart of Vendée: Saint-Paul-en-Pareds. It has a very favourable climate for snail breeding and its soil gives it a unique taste. Founded in 1989, and with a solid experience in snail farming, the Maison Royer masters the breeding and transformation of snails.
This is why we offer 2 types of products based on our know-how: RoyeR cosmétique for our cosmetics using organic snail slime and Escargots du bocage vendéen (Snails from the Vendée countryside) for our range of cooked organic snails.

Agriculture biologique certified organic
Produit en vendée produced
in Vendée
Héliciculteur français French
snail farmer
25 ans d'expérience25 years


RoyeR Cosmétique

RoyeR Cosmétique is a brand of natural cosmetic products made with snail slime from organic Vendée snails. We offer a natural and effective anti-wrinkle product with 30% of active ingredients, well-known for preventing wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, acnes, blackheads and brown spots.

30% de produit actif30% organic snail slime


Escargots du bocage vendéen

With more than 25 years experience in snail breeding, the Maison Royer offers a complete range of cooked organic snails.
Our snails are bred according to precise organic specifications certified by Ecocert and cooked with high-quality organic ingredients to keep their authenticity.

Certifié agriculture biologique


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