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Snail slime customer reviews

When it comes to creating new products, we listen to our customers. Every day, we recieve feedbacks on how you use our snail slime products. It helps us to offer better tips by sharing real customers expriences.

Our customers reviews and feedbacks on the effect of snail slime on their skin

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Snail slime face cream review

Cathy: "I use it for 2 years now and not going back to another product. I use to have a very dehydrated skin, it's over now. My skin is supple and unified."

Snail slime serum review

Stéphanie: "Wonderful for my eczema. It has a tensing effect and my complexion is glowing. I vividly recommend it..." 

Snail slime hand cream review

Marianne: "I have a lot of food intolerances and despite the treatments, my skin was still irritated and itchy. I first tried the hand cream which soothed my skin instantly and the I bought the whold cosmetic range"

Snail slime shampoo review

Marie-Jeanne: "This shampoo is great. I use to have a itchy scalp whitout dandruff. No prudct could calm my scalp. From the second shampoo, itching subsided. After a month, no more itchy scalp."

To offer you the best efficiency when using our snail slime creams, the products are sent quickly and in a packaging that preserves their virtues. In order to make the most of our range of cosmetics, we invite you to keep your products away from extreme cold and heat. The pure and fresh snail slime will then be most effective!

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Benefits of snail slime on the skin

Snail slime helps soothe dehydrated skins, suffering from eczema or itchy skins.

The benefits of snail slime on dehydrated skin are real. It is naturally rich in vitamins A and C which helps keeping a moisturized skin, especially when applied directly on the skin.

Allantoin helps the skin to regenerate itself during and after an eczema phase when skin lesions appear. The glycolic acid, a composant of snail slime, refines the skin texture and the complexion glows more.

The natural antibiotic peptides found in snail slime create a natural protective barrier for the skin. In addition, the regenerating, nourishing and moisturizing properties allow you to better treat skin issues caused by food intolerances.

Our shampoo gently cleanses the scalp thanks to its natural ingredients. Snail slime is a perfect fit for people suffering from itchy skin and dandruff thanks to its regenerating and moisturizing properties. It is also recommended to treat psoriasis localized on the scalp.

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