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Anti-WrinkleSnail Slime

Did you know that snail slime has some very useful properties for fighting wrinkles? Snail slime has an effect on suppleness, elasticity, firmness, moisturisation and the skin’s glow! It is a real ally for combating wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

How does the composition of snail slime have an effect on wrinkles?

Elastin for more supple skin

With age, elastin fibres breakdown, causing the wrinkles that everyone knows so well. That is why providing the skin with elastin can help it to function optimally again and also fill in wrinkles. 

Glycolic acid for a radiant complexion

Glycolic acid for a radiant complexion. Glycolic acid is a powerful exfoliator and eliminates dead skin cells, thus improving how the skin looks and feels. It also ensures that melanin is evenly distributed, achieving in an even toned complexion.

Vitamin C to protect against free radicals

Free radicals (pollution, UV rays, tobacco, etc.) are responsible for the ageing process of the skin. It is therefore important to equip the skin with the tools necessary to tackle these aggressive factors. For that, there is nothing better than the powerful anti-oxidant vitamin C. What is more, it also has powerful moisturising properties. And that is a non-negligible advantage for combating skin ageing! Proper daily moisturisation will indeed help to prevent signs of ageing, e.g. wrinkles.

Snail slime is an ancestral beauty secret! For centuries, experiments have led to discover the benefits of snail slime. Its antitussive properties were highlighted and it was only much later that its healing and regenerating action was discovered!

Our snail slime products for fighting wrinkles

Snail Slime Face Cream 50 ml

For what part of the body?
Our Face Cream is suitable for all skin types and replenishes facial skin.

How to use it?
Apply Royer Cosmétique Face Cream morning and night, on thoroughly cleansed skin. Apply to the entire face and neck, massaging gently for optimum penetration. Suitable for use around the eyes.
39,50 €

Pure Snail Slime Serum 30 ml

For what part of the body?

Our Serum is suitable for all skin types. It will infuse facial skin with the regenerating properties of fresh snail slime and give your complexion that extra radiance.

How to use it?

Apply a few drops to a thoroughly cleansed face and neck, morning and night. Help the Serum to absorb with a gentle massage. For regular use, or use over a short period as a treatment. Also suitable to use around the eyes.

42,50 €

Snail Slime Makeup Removing Milk 200 ml

For what part of the body?

The make-up removing Milk is designed to be used all over the face and neck.

How to use it?

Use morning and night, to cleanse the skin and remove make-up. The lotion should be applied to the face and neck using cotton wool; no rinsing is required afterwards. Alternatively, you can emulsify the lotion with your hands and rinse off with clean water.

19,50 €

Step-by-step guide to fighting wrinkles




To achieve a lifting effect, use a circular motion to eradicate impurities and smoothing and light patting motions to stimulate microcirculation.




Use RoyeR Serum around the eye contour, where the first signs of ageing tend to appear, to target wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.




End your ritual by moisturising and protecting your skin from aggressive external factors with our Face Cream, which helps to maintain the hydrolipidic film.


Choosing the right anti-wrinkle snail slime cream

As we like to tell people, it was handling the snails at the family farm that gave us at Royer the idea to launch our own range of snail slime creams. Our hands were much softer and smoother as a result of touching the slime. We therefore thought there could be a benefit from a cosmetics point of view. And we weren’t wrong! To ensure the effectiveness of snail slime on your wrinkles, here are three points not to forget.

Fresh mucin for combating wrinkles effectively

The effectiveness of a cosmetic product largely depends on the percentage of active ingredients it contains. Therefore, in order for a snail slime cream to have a potent effect on your wrinkles, it must contain fresh slime (also known as mucin) and not slime extract, as is the case with some creams. So make sure you read the ingredients before you buy. At RoyeR Cosmétique, we exclusively use fresh snail mucin in the production of creams and other skincare products, which guarantees you an effective product for minimising wrinkles.

Natural ingredients for smoothing out wrinkles the gentle way

The effectiveness a snail slime cream on your wrinkles is an important factor, but there are other things to consider, too. It is just as crucial that the cream is not aggressive on your skin and that it protects it day in, day out. To be sure of this, we once again recommend looking at the product composition and opting for a cream made from natural ingredients. At RoyeR Cosmétique, all of our snail slime products are certified Cosmebio and made with 99% natural ingredients.

A controlled production process for responsible wrinkle prevention

It is important that you know what you are putting on your wrinkles and on your skin in general. You are entitled to know the full story behind your snail cream, especially how it is produced. For that, you need a cream that ensures traceability.

At RoyeR Cosmétique, the transparency of our products is something we feel strongly about. We believe that we owe it to our customers. It is also a matter of pride – our commitment to the quality of our creams and cosmetics is constant. The manufacturing of our products is 100% local for a thoroughly controlled production process. Our snails are raised at our farm in Les Herbiers and our laboratory is located nearby in Nueil-les-Aubiers.

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