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Snail slimefor the hair and scalp

With pollution, harsh shampoos, chlorinated swimming pool water, cigarette smoke and so on, our scalps are under constant stress from our environment and this has a direct influence on the condition of our hair. Discover the benefits of snail slime on your scalp.

How does the composition of snail slime have an effect on your scalp?

Vitamins A & C for moisture

Especially effective when used on targeted areas, vitamins A and C help to infuse moisture to damaged, dry or irritated skin.

Allantoin and collagen for repair

Allantoin helps snails to repair their shell when it splits. Combined with collagen, both of the ingredients help the skin to regenerate and reduce dandruff, irritation and patches of psoriasis.

Good to know... There are three types of dandruff: dry dandruff which is itchy and flaky, greasy dandruff which forms flakes that stick to the head and prevent the scalp from breathing, and dandruff caused by a skin condition (e.g. fungal infection, psoriasis, etc.). Is your dandruff severe with visible scaly patches? If so, you might have psoriasis. Discover the benefits of snail slime for your skin to help you heal and and prevent dandruff.

Our snail slime products for irritated scalps

Snail Slime Shampoo 200 ml

For what part of the body?

Our Shampoo suits all hair types and is ideal for sensitive scalps. Cleans hair gently and is easy to rinse.

How to use it?

Pour a dollop of shampoo into your hand and gently massage the scalp. Rinse and repeat the process once.

13,50 €

Step-by-step guide for a healthy scalp


Step 1


Before shampooing, you should always brush your hair. This helps to remove any hair product residues or dust that may have accumulated in the hair.


Step 2


Apply the shampoo from the top of your forehead to your temples, then work it into the hair, around the back of the neck, massaging gently.


Step 3


Rinse after the first shampoo and perform a second application, lathering the shampoo all over the scalp.


Step-by-step scalp care guide

Be gentle to your hair and scalp with natural hair care products

To care for your hair effectively, you should avoid putting it under undue stress from washing or conditioning too often. Opt for certified products made with ingredients of natural origin if you want to harness the full hair care benefits. A shampoo made with ingredients of natural origin and/or which is certified organic will be better for the health of your scalp and hair in the long run. Our haircare products are 100% made in France and have the Ecocert certification. The results of COSMEPAR’s study showed 100% tolerance to RoyeR cosmetics.

Choosing your snail slime shampoo

Want to start using snail slime for your hair? Choosing a product that is made with pure and organic slime is the only way that your scalp will fully benefit from the active ingredients in the shampoo. A cosmetic product made with diluted snail slime will be much less effective.

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