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Our beauty institute in Vendée

Océane, your beautician, offers you a ritual rich in sensations, unique and original in a warm and a cocooning atmosphere dedicated to your well-being. A multitude of treatments are offered according to your desires and needs.

Give yourself a gentle break to discover RoyeR Cosmétique natural products based on fresh and organic snail slime to free you from all daily tensions.

Face skin care

For a beautiful and glowing skin, the face needs to be regulary cleaned and purified. To do so, you need to get rid of  desquamating cells and impurities accumulated daily due to the external aggressions of pollution, make-up or stress.

Whith our signature skin care protocoles, your skin will finally be able to regenerate and regain its youthfulness and vitality thanks to snail slime enriched with elastin, collagen and allantoin, which offers a cocktail of natural active ingredients.

Glowing Skincare

This RoyeR signature skincare is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin thanks to the application of adapted care products. The skin is purified and regains all its radiance.

30 minutes → 38€ 

In-depth skincare 

This RoyeR signature comprehensive treatment is a veil of softness for tired skins. This Cocoon treatment is particularly relaxing and leave you with a softened, soothed and moisturized skin. You are relaxed and the skin regains its youthfull appearance. A beautifying effect is guaranteed.

60 minutes → 58 €

Face and scalp massage

Enjoy the ultimate relaxing treatment that leaves you a toned skin an relieved mind.

30 minutes → 32€

Body skincare

Your body needs rest, let yourself be tempted by a moment of absolute relaxation thanks to our soft massages with fluid and relaxing gestures in a warm cabin where the candle-lit atmosphere will give you calm and serenity. Close your eyes and let yourself be guided by our soft music, while pleasantly installed on our heated massage table to enjoy every moment.

Relaxation massages contribute to your general well-being but we remind you that they are not associated with therapeutic or medical techniques.

Body care

Body scrub Eliminates impurities and desquamating cells for extremely soft and moisturized skin, a real pleasure.. 30 minutes → 32€ 
Back massage Provides deep relaxation, helps relieve tension and fights against daily stress. 30 minutes → 34€
Pregnant woman Massage  Gentle modelling to relax the mother-to-be, this treatment helps to relieve the parts of the body that are stressed during pregnancy. A real cocooning treatment. Available from the 4th to the 7th month of pregnancy. 45 minutes → 52€

Body massages

30 minutes → 38€ or 60 minutes → 72€.

RELAXING Gently these smoothing and all-encompassing maneuvers will give you well-being and satisfaction..
RESOURCING Dive into a state of drowsiness, these pressures and tosses will soothe you and bring comfort.
SOOTHING A delicate but in-depth experience thanks to its protocol with elbows and forearms for the ultimate release.

Skincare rituals

Scrub 30’ + Massage 30’ The treatment begins with an exfoliation of the whole body that smoothes the skin texture while gently followed by a modelage (optional) to relieve tension. A pure moment of relaxation. 1h → 66€
Scrub 30’ + Massage 30’/60’ + facial care 30’ After having exfoliated the whole body gently, you can choose to have a massage for an absolute relaxation. While the body relaxes, it is time to take care of the face with our radiance treatment. An ultimate escape for a break.

1h30  → 96€

2h → 138€ 

Facial care 45’ + back massage 15’  This treatment combines skin cleansing and relaxation thanks to its facial treatment which includes a complete massage from the shoulders to the tips of the hair, followed by a moment of softness with its back massage, a pure moment of rest and serenity. 1h -- 58€ 

Hand care

Your hands are fragile, and yet you tend to leave them behind! But they too have the right to be pampered just like the rest of the body! Aggressed by the cold and daily by household products, your hands are very exposed and suffer. Here is the time for you to take a gentle moment to beautify your hands. This treatment includes nail filing, a silky scrub followed by a pleasant mask break, a relaxing massage and an application of moisturizer. 45 minutes treatment → 28€ 28€.

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