Snail slime : an ancestral secret

Used in antiquity, snail slime possesses many incredible properties for skin. Anti-oxidant, regenerating, repairing and healing, it helps treat numerous skin ailments and problems naturally… And effectively !

The snail gives us a true treasure of nature. Gentle but effective, this small gastropod produces a concentrate of active ingredients, beneficial for the skin and all this in a totally natural way !

For proof... the snail itself regenerates its damaged or cracked shell in only a few days thanks to its slime, a bit like changing skin!

This secret was rediscovered by the workers that manipulated the snails: even though they regularly cut themselves on the shells, their wounds healed surprisingly quickly, and their hands were extraordinarily soft every day.

Today, the snail invites itself into treatment creams, for the delight of your skin. A revolution in the world of cosmetics.

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